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International students should find increasing levels of investment in tertiary education to be a compelling reason to study in China.

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International students should find increasing levels of investment in tertiary education to be a compelling reason to study in China. In 2012, China reached its target of spending 4% of GDP on education. And it is currently investing US$250 billion a year in “human capital”, which includes the subsidy of education for young people moving from rural to urban areas, in an effort to lessen the gap between the educated elite and rural laborers. The number of colleges and universities in China has doubled in the last decade to 2,409. The country’s current five-year plan, which extends to 2020, focuses on modernizing and strengthening its higher education system to appeal to international students, and many Chinese universities are focusing on developing technologies that increase competitiveness with the West.

Study In China

Engineering studies can explore a wide variety of topics, including mechanical, civic, chemical, or even biological engineering. Topics covered in one of these programs may range from foundational engineering principles to applied mathematical techniques. The china higher education for a couple of years has been voted as one of the best among the Asian countries. This country has over 150 both public and private owned universities distribution on all provinces of china. The higher education is research based.

The country is considered the manufacturing hub of the world's most electronics. Globally, China has the most internet users. In terms of spending, China's IT market is the fourth-largest market around the globe, after the US, Japan, and Germany.

Over the past 10 years, international visitors and students have been going “deeper” into China, choosing to travel to a wider range of cities than before. In the past, Shanghai and Beijing were the only cities where it was common to see international students.

Of the popular master’s courses, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is the most sought after course that offers an array of career opportunities to students across the globe. It offers a deep understanding of various aspects of management, its real-life applications and experiential knowledge that pushes students to discover practical business solutions.


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