Market Research

It’s the Vision of two Individuals which merged and made “ Labarum Research” come into existence with a primary motto of doing Service with Quality.



The marketing research process is a six-step process involving the definition of the problem being studied upon, determining what approach to take, formulation of research design, field work entailed, data preparation and analysis, and the generation of reports, how to present these reports, and overall, how the task will complete

Early Identification of Solution

Early Detection and Early Intervention. Challenges and Solution Strategies in the Framework of Terminologies. Early identification and intervention.

Defining The Problem

A well-defined problem often contains its own solution within it, and that solution is usually quite obvious and straightforward. By defining problems properly, you make them easier to solve, which means saving time, money and resources.

Analyzing The Solution

The normal process for solving a problem will initially involve defining the problem you want to solve. Problem Analysis. Generating possible Solutions. Analyzing the Solutions. Selecting the best Solution(s) Planning the next course of action (Next Steps)

Getting Problem Specific Data

Which approach to use depends on the nature of the problem and how much time and money are available. Since most of the primary data collection is conducted to learn something about the customers, there are 2 basic methods for obtaining information about customers: questioning and observing. Questioning can range from qualitative to quantitative research, while there are many kinds of observing.

Interpretint the data

An estimate from a sample, even a representative one, usually varies somewhat from the true value for a total population. Managers sometimes forget this. There is a common rule for the accuracy of the results: The larger the sample size, the greater the accuracy of estimates from a random sample. But have in mind that the larger the sample size is, the greater the cost of the research will be.

Solving The Problem

In this step managers use the research results to make marketing decisions. When the research process is finished the marketing manager should be able to apply the findings in marketing strategy planning, the choice of a target market or the mix in the 4Ps. If the research doesn’t provide information to help guide these decisions, the company has wasted research time and money. This final step must be anticipated at each of the earlier steps!

The Key people in Labarum Research :


Graduated from “The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers” in terms of Information Technology. Had been serving major MNC Organisations such as Accenture India, I Research Services Pvt.Ltd and Core mind Research Pvt.Ltd . He had been a contribution to these organisations in the roles of Analytics Associate, Programmer and Junior Programmer.


Graduated from “ Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology” in terms of Electricals and Electronics Engineering . Had been serving major MNC organisations such as Intralogic Technologies and AOL . He had been a contribution to these organizations in the roles of Senior Project Manager , Sales Management , Quality Assurance , Training and Development.

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